What is web hosting and Types of Web Hosting?

January 31, 2023 By admin

Hello and welcome guys to a fresh article on our website. In this article I will provide you full information related to web hosting and also provide you brief information about types of hosting. Many of us know that finding a good web hosting can cost a decent amount of money and time.

If you want to start your website and make it online then and please should need a domain and hosting. So it is the important thing for the online presence of any site. Do not try to leave any line, otherwise you will not get full information.

What is web hosting?

Basically it is a powerful server that allows organisation and companies to be accessible via Internet. Web hosting is used by every organisations who want to make their online presence. There are mainly two types of servers namely Windows servers and LINUX servers.

Windows server are costlier than Linux server because we have to buy a dedicated licence for using Windows server on our website. Linux are the cheaper service because it is a open source and mostly website use this type of server.

Now talks about a web host or web hosting providers. They have proper web servers and provide to customers who are running their organization or companies in some amount of money.

Types of web hosting:

1. Shared Hosting: It is a powerful server that can host many websites in a convenient way. Many people who create their new website use shared hosting. Because it is cheap and powerful hosting servers. They hold your data in a single server with the use of many tools.

2. Cloud Hosting: It is a on demand centralised resource of Ram, CPUs, storage, bandwidth and software. It’s dynamically changing needs of thousands of websites. You can direct access to the power of the collective resources with the help of cloud hosting to your website. Cloud hosting are the user friendly with high performance at the effective cost.

3. Reseller hosting: If you want to start small business of reselling hosting then you should buy reseller hosting. It allows the owners to reselling the server of the hosting that they buy to any other at cheap price. Generally it allows us to sell the some amount of disk space and bandwidth to our customers without reading a particular web hosting service.

Best Web hosting providers:

There are thousands of website who are providing web hosting for free and paid as well. But in this post I will tell you about premium hosting providers.

Final Words:

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