What is Data Mining?

January 31, 2023 By admin

Do you like searching about new technologies? Then you come to the right place. In this article, I will provide you Full relevant information about Data Mining and it’s examples. So stay connected with this post and enjoy the learning.

The concept of data mining is growing in popularity in the real time of Commerce business activities in general. But it’s kind of a misconceived or misunderstood topic and I want to give you an idea of what data mining is all about basically. We’re in the information economy and what you have is more and more data being generated in every aspect.

So transactional data is basically data about each transaction that happens in a supermarket so it basically is you know customer ID in fact. If you have a loyalty program then you know a little bit about this customer anyway.

You can think of every time you swipe your grocery card, when you try to get a discount for buying whatever products that’s data being downloaded to a database on most transactions you do.

There is some sort of data download organizations are storing processing and analyzing data more than any time in history and that trend is going to continue to grow. So Data mining is the incorporation of quantitative methods we’ll call a mathematical methods that may include mathematical equations algorithms. Some of your prominent methodologies are traditional neural networks. Segmentation classification clustering those are all methods that utilize mathematics.

Big Companies like Facebook, Google analysis the processing of Data from different perspectives and summarizing it to useful information. So that their user get convenient with their algorithm and interest based Advertisements. These are the techniques does they actually follow to capture all the needs and interest of different users.

Recently, if you saw the google’s new product, you can just open up your camera app and can see the restaurants name and based on handwriting prediction image prediction and logo prediction it can query to the humongous amount of Data set that is present at the Google and can find out the ratings of the restaurants the name of the restaurants and some reviews about the restaurant. That’s just one example of machine learning.

Actually, this technique widely used by many social media networks for getting information about their uses. I think that you don’t know that you are revealing More than you think. Data Mining is not the term of mining data or anything else about extracted Data from somewhere.

Database mining is applicable across industry sectors generally wherever you have processes data. It is the application of these powerful mathematical techniques in core incorporation with some statistical type of inference testing.

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