What is Artificial Intelligence? What is its Future? Benefits of A.I. with Explanations.

January 31, 2023 By admin

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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a computer program that can think on its own better than humans. It is a super technique to capture the activity of an individual person. We use Google assistant, Siri, Alexa are some example of artificial intelligence. A.I is one of thebiggest scientific revolution in the 20th century.

They are continuously monitoring our web searching and shows relevant results and advertisements related to our surf history.
According to great scientist Sir Stephen Hawkins A.I could end Mankind soon. Those who understand Artificial Intelligence properly has said such a statement many times.

Artificial intelligence has strong algorithm to detect and solve query of a person. Basically A.I is a set of many complex algorithm that revolves around unambiguous instructions. It is believed by knowledgeable people that it can be a dangerous technology for humans.

Some Examples of Artificial Intelligence

There are lots of examples of artificial intelligence are available in the market. Some of the examples like self driving car can detect the part of the picture scenes in front of it.Many big companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook are continuously working on their A.I programs. Because they know that it is one of the future trending Technology. The lack of “common sense” generally artificial intelligence technologies often makes big mistakes that are different from humans, in ways that may be incomprehensible.

Future of A.I:

The future of artificial intelligence is very bright because many companies are started working to provide better services to the customers. Humans are making it very complex to solve each and every problem of the user in just seconds.

Features of Artificial Intelligence

A.I has the potential of forever of changing our humanity in a very easy way.

The backbone of the artificial intelligence is machine learning basically it revolves around these some criterias.

A.I is generally used in cars, Mobiles, Banking services, surveillance, Social Media and Video Games.

It Use deep learning concept to detect keywords of the owners speech. For example if we are using Alexa and say Alexa Play Despacito then it will detect two terms first ‘Play’ and other ‘despacito’ to provide quality result.


I hope you get all the information about artificial intelligence. This is one of the most powerful Technology ever made by human for making our work simple.

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