Ultimate Guide on Edge Computing

January 31, 2023 By admin

We define edge computing as being about placing workloads as close to the edge to where the data is being created and where actions are being taken as possible.

So let’s think about that for a little bit where does data come from. We often think about data existing in the cloud where we might do analytics and AI activities that it processes that data but that’s really not where the data originally was created. Actually the data is created really by us as human beings in our world in the varmints that we operate in the places where we do work.

It comes from us in our interactions with the equipment that we use as we’re performing various tasks. Basically it comes from the equipment itself and it’s produced as a byproduct of our use of that equipment.

So let’s take this down a little bit further if we want to make use of the edge and we want a place workload there. We must have to start by thinking about what data ends up coming back to the cloud.

Actual processing of that data for things like aggregate analytics, trend analysis is still likely to occur in the hybrid cloud. Now it turns out the network providers are also looking at the world of networking. All the facilities that they provide and how they can bring workloads into the network itself. So we’ve been labeled at the network edge that’s sort of how they refer to it themselves oftentimes.

You’ll hear the term edge being used by the network providers as being about their own network 5g opens up the opportunity for us to communicate into the premises where work is performed on to the factory floor into the distribution centers and many other places.

There is an opportunity for us to introduce compute capacity into those environments and communicate with that powerful networks. Now there is two kinds of edge computing capabilities that we often find in these environments one is what we call an edge server which you can think of as basically a piece of IT equipment. It could be a half rack maybe four or eight blades it could be an industrial PC. But it’s a piece of equipment that was built for the purpose of computing IT workloads.

Now another place where we can perform work in the edge in the on-premise locations or in what we think of as edge devices. Basically an edge device is interesting because what it is first and foremost. It is a piece of equipment that was built for some purpose it could be an assembly machine, could be a turbine engine,may be a robot, may be a car.

Nowadays IOT devices have grown up and we’ve seen the addition of more and more compute capacity on these devices.

Almost all new industrial equipment have compute capacity built into that equipment and the thing is that these computers are being opened up they oftentimes run Linux. They have the strong ability for us to deploy containerize workloads onto these devices which means that now becomes a place where we can do work.