Top Cloud Security Solution Provider companies of The Year 2020

January 31, 2023 By admin

Cloud computing is used by almost every major enterprise in the world. Businesses are more conscious about the security of their data, so they are using cloud storage instead of traditional mediums of storing data. But in cloud technology, there are various security threats to the uploaded data as hacking and spamming activities are increasing day by day. As a result of these security threats, various companies came into existence to provide better solutions for cloud computing security.

Cloud security is provided in various modes by companies known as Cloud Security Solutions and Services. These companies offer various tools, techniques, firewalls, software solutions, programs, applications, VPNs, and other security measures to maintain the security of system and data. Selection of compatible solution provider is based on the efficiency and ability of companies who provides Cloud Computing Security Solutions.

Top Cloud security solution provider companies and platforms

The following are the best cloud security solution provider companies of the year 2020. These are listed according to their efficiency and various factors influencing cloud security solutions.

1) SceienceSoft: This company was found in the year 2003 and is custom software development and IT consultancy service provider company, working for providing security solutions at every stage and inspecting for every layer of Internet Technology infrastructure.

This company is employed with professional, ethical Hackers to combine the use of hacking tools and other security measures for a safe environment to protect the system from security threats.ScienceSoft provides every kind of penetration test, methods, vulnerability assessment, security code review, infrastructure security audit, custom security tools, etc.

2)Sophos Central: This is a Software and hardware security company that provides security solutions between
firewalls and the endpoints in real-time systems. Sophos offers various solutions, including better safety locating techniques and rapidly exploring and fixing the threats, better simplified enterprise-level security solutions, and much more. This company was formed in the year 1985, and it provides 30 days free trial to the clients.

3)HyTrust: HyTrust was formed in the year 2007 and has 200 employees in their company by today; they provide cloud security solutions at the ultimate level by automated security control techniques and measures related to networking and cloud computing. It provides services like cloud encryption, encryption key management, automated compliance environment extra having clients like IBM cloud, Cisco, Amazon web services extra.

4) CipherCloud: CipherCloud was found in 2010, and approximately 500 employees are working in the company in the year 2020. This company protects the data in a better way by initiating data monitoring, protection and risk analysis, and detection techniques. CipherCloud currently works for dropbox, Office 365, SAP, Google drive extra.

5)Proofpoint: Proofpoint was established in the year 2002 is one of the leading cloud security solution provider company having a net worth of $375.5 million. It helps to reduce security threats and provides cloud-based email security solutions to the companies. Proofpoint has approximately 1800 employees working at present.