Top 5 Free Cloud Storage Platform And Drives of The Year 2020

January 31, 2023 By admin

Data is a very crucial and vital variable of any business, person, household, organization, as data is includes recording day to day facts, files, and lots of transactions and other relevant information of any business or person.

So to record these data files, we use data storage devices like pen drives, hard disk drives, CDs and much more storage equipment available in the market but when we deal with big data like data in gigabytes or terabytes we have to look for alternative storage devices or platforms as recording this data in our computer can slow it down and can also cause low productivity in computer operations and can also cause loss of data.

Moreover, data that is stored in physical storage devices like hard disk drives or pen drives can not be made available at any place in an emergency. So due to these disadvantages, cloud storage is trending nowadays in every business, as it provides space for data storage in online cloud platforms like google drive, Alibaba cloud, Amazon AWS cloud, etc.

There are various cloud storage platforms that provide space to store our data for free or for a nominal fee. If you are looking for a free cloud storage platform than you are at the right place, today we will cover five major cloud storage providers where you can store your crucial data for free.

What is Cloud storage?

Cloud storage is also a data storage drive, unlike pen drives, and hard disk drives data stored in cloud drives can be made available anywhere anytime with the help of the internet. As cloud storage is simply a storage space that is available on remote servers to store data, and this data can be accessed at any time. These remote servers are managed and maintained remotely by the service providers in different physical data centers. So cloud storage provides facility to the client to upload files and folders or other data via the internet and get access to that stored data at any time via the internet, it eliminates the risk of data loss and buying expensive data storage devices.

Best Free Cloud storage drives.

Various cloud storage drives provide users to store their data for free without spending a single penny on subscriptions, and we listed below five top free cloud storage providers:-

1) Google Drive: Google drive provides a considerable storage limit of 15Gb without any cost to every user on its cloud platform. Google is one of the best cloud solution providers, and it is fully secure as it scans almost every file or document you upload on google drive. Google drive can be used to store images, documents, music, videos, other files, and folders with one click.

How to get google drive free storage?

Google provides free 15gb cloud storage space to every G-mail account holder, so if you already have a g-mail account, you can avail of the benefit of free 15GB storage space without paying a cent. And if you don’t have a google account, just go to and create one.

Google provides support for backup your documents and integration of google drive with other Google products like Gmail, google photos, google records, etc. for free storage up to 15GB still; it has cons like no privacy due to no file encryption terms and rules extra.

2) pCloud: pcloud is a popular platform to store big files, music, photos, and more. pCloud provides the users 2GB free storage, which can be extended up to 10GB freely by completing a few small tasks like referring to a user extra. Pcloud is a popular cloud storage platform as it provides a premium music playback options for music lovers with its cloud storage drive for free.

pCloud offers better encryption for files and password protection facilities, but you can not avail of these file encryption facilities with the free version you have to purchase a paid plan. Paid plans for pCloud storage start from 4.99$ for a month; Premium pCloud provides huge storage facilities like 500GB or 2000Gb storage space.

Pcloud has advantages like better encryption of data, Built-in premium multimedia playback options for free, storage on cloud platform up to 10Gb for free, but it is affected with disadvantages of no app support, and no encryption option is available for the free plan.

3) MEGA: Mega is one of the best cloud storage drive as it stands in the top five cloud storage platforms; it has a lot of features and huge storage space facilities. Mega provides 15GB permanent storage for free, and a new plan of 35GB free cloud storage is available for users creating new accounts with mega.

We can avail more extra gigabyte space by performing small tasks like referring friends and downloading and installing some apps. By referring to other users and installing few apps, mega provides free space of extra 10Gb, 20gb, and more, but this storage space is temporary as it expires within 180days if you earned it via installing apps and terminating at the end of 365 days if you won by referring users. But we can extend the validity to permanent by purchasing the premium plan of mega storage.

Mega storage comes with innovative features as it is a zero-based end to end encryption facility and has other exciting features. Pros of mega include huge and increasable storage space by referring users or installing apps; easy one clicks to upload and usage, total privacy regulations, and more. Cons of mega include bugs and irrelevant unlock system for the cloud drive and low speed of the storage, which cause a problem in user experience, but still mega is one of the top five cloud storage platforms.

4) is the most reliable cloud storage in case of privacy as it is based on Canadian laws of privacy, and it encrypted with AES 256- bit file encryption and two-factor authentication. Sync provides 5GB free storage space to new users, which is enough to start with cloud storage. It offers various premium features like file history, password protection, powerful encryption extra. also offers a referral option, as if you refer one real user to, it will add extra 1Gb add on storage space for free. This platform keeps check on your referral, so you are not allowed to cheat by referring fake or dead user is one of the best platforms for android users as its android app provides all the facilities and great UX with zero-knowledge cloud storage.

Pros and cons of

  • provides a strongly encrypted eco-system to work in privacy with Canada privacy laws.
  • It has no limit regarding the size of a file to upload.
  • It provides excellent features to increase free storage space like referring users.
  • Cons– It provides a shallow storage space of 5GB.

5) Dropbox: If you are looking to go with a basic cloud storage platform, then dropbox is one of them. In back 2007 is launched and had a more significant influence upon users, but these days, due to lack of features and innovation, this is not the best drive for professionals. Still, if you want for necessary uses, you can go with dropbox.

Dropbox free plan provides a little storage of 2GB only, and you can’t extend this storage space without paying some amount of money. Dropbox allows users to file sharing facility and referral programs to increase the free storage up to 16GB space.

Dropbox comes with 2TB and 3TB premium plans, which costs $9.99 per month and $16.58 per month, respectively. Dropbox is not that much secure as others, unlike pCloud Dropbox, which has suffered few privacy and data breaches in the past.

  • Pros– Dropbox is simple and easy to use platform.
  • You can avail up to 16GB free storage by making referrals.
  • cons-Data breaches in the past represent low data protection.
  • No premium features with free plans.
  • It provides only 2GB initial storage space.