Top 5 E-Mail Service Providers of 2020

January 31, 2023 By admin

Email or electronic mail is a traditional and most commonly used way of communication between companies, users, users and companies, general households, offices, schools, colleges extra. Email is a free mode of communication that allows us to send a broadcast or message to one or a list of users at a single time without occurring a single penny cost. In email one can attach files of different categories and share them freely. Email is a secure and encrypted mode of communication.

What are email service providers?

The organizations or platforms which allow users to create email accounts and send, receive emails, and do other stuff relating to email are known as email service providers. There are various email service providers across the internet, like Google and Yahoo, which provides Gmail and Yahoomail services, respectively. Gmail is the most commonly used email service, which is a product of Google.

Type of email services

There are two types of email services

1) email clients – Like Microsoft Outlook client email application is a desktop-based service application that allows users to configure single as well as multiple email addresses and facilities to send, receive, and read emails from these applications.

2) Webmail– Webmail is a web-based email service application that can be accessed through browsers—Example Gmail and yahoo.

Top Email service providers

Following are the top five email service providers of the year 2020 : –

1) Gmail: Gmail is a product of Google that provides a free email facility across the world. Gmail supports approximately 71 standard languages, and it means it has worldwide application usage. Gmail is the best of overall email service providers as it comes with 15GB of free cloud storage and many more features. Gmail is free and also has various suite plans from basic $5 per Month to Enterprise $25 per Month. Plans price depends on the storage and other features you choose to access. It has wide accessibility across the world as it supports both android and IOS devices and has a simple user experience. In one email one can share data up to 25MB for more data sharing requirements. It provides the facility of integrated Google Drive storage up to 15GB free.

2) pepipost: pepipost is one of the best email service provider. It has both free and paid plans, in an open plan, it provides email sending facility up to 100 emails a day say 30000 emails per Month. The premium plan of pepipost starts from $17.5 per Month. It provides users 90 days of history facility and live chat support that works for day and night.

3)ProtonMail: Both small and big organizations use proton mail. It comes with the free plan and also has three paid plans – plus ($5.66 per Month), Professional ($9 per Month), Visionary ($34 Per Month). It is the best email application because of its security features and much more. It has interesting features like autoresponder, multi-user support, android and ios compatibility, security encryption, email filters extra.

4)Outlook: As every email service provider allows free access to basic plans, outlook to allows free access. In paid plans, Office 365 personal with outlook premium is available for $69.99 per year, and Office 365 Home is available with outlook premium for $99.99 yearly. Outlook provides the best web-based suite of different tools with mouse clicks we can explore its premium features.

5)Yahoo Mail: Yahoo Mail is a product of Yahoo, Yahoo is a search engine and was launched in the year 1994. Yahoo provides yahoo news, yahoo mail facilities with best spam blocking features inbuilt in it. Yahoo provides a great storage capacity of 1TB for free and is available in 27 different languages.

Yahoo mail has various features like yahoo calendar, importing contacts from various third-party applications, creation of disposal addresses, good spam filter, etc.

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