How to Let Friends and Family Use Your Phone without Letting Them Spy Other Apps

January 31, 2023 By admin

Everyone loves their privacy, and when it comes to share your smartphone with someone (family or friends) it can be stressful. Whenever a family member calls you to give them your phone for some use you may can’t deny every time to share your phone and its obviously uncomfortable for everyone to share their personal device with anyone. So everybody tries to find ways to escape their phone from family and friends due to privacy. I am going to tell the readers a way that can solve all their problems regarding the matter of sharing personal phone.

Hardly matters if you are using android smartphone or an IOS device I have solution for everyone so keep reading the article-

For Android Users

Android has already given various security and privacy options to users, still users found uncomfortable when someone borrow their phone to make a call or playing games extra. So in this article I have three solutions for this problem as follows:

Guest Mode in Android

Guest mode is a stock android feature that allows you to hide all your messaging apps, gallery, call logs and other useful settings from other users. Guest mode generally give another user a separate user account irrespective of using primary user’s apps and data. Also when guest mode is enabled users cannot make phone calls or send texts without entering to main settings and turning off guest mode from there.

To enable guest mode in any android phone you have to go through following procedure –\

  • First of all go to System settings in android,
  • Inside settings click on system,
  • Under system you fill find Advanced option click on it,
  • Then in last step click on Multiple users and create a new user there,
  • Boom you have successfully enabled Guest mode in your android.

Screen Pinning in Android

Unlike guest mode enables the use of different accounts for each user, screen pinning just lock screen inside a specific app and user can’t go to other apps without entering the pin and turning off Screen pinning from settings. Screen pinning option was released in year 2014 in Lollipop version of android operating system. To enable screen pinning you have to go through following steps:

  • Go to settings and click on Security > then click on Advanced settings > Screen pinning.
  • Then turn on the settings and set a unique pin that you are going to use when turning of the screen pinning.

Second space or Dual phone:

Second space or Dual phone options works like a separate mobile device. This option is not available in stock android devices unlike Xiaomi and Oppo mobiles, but stock android users can install third party apps like parallel space, dual mobile extra. Users of stock android can easily download these apps from play store.

For IOS (Apple) Users

Like in android phone we can enable screen pinning option in IOS devices too, whenever someone borrows our phone to make a call or some other purpose. To enable this in IOS you must follow these steps –

  • Go to main IOS settings,
  • Select Advanced,
  • Then choose guided access and turn it on.