Amazing Robot that will switch To Traditional Voice by a Click

January 31, 2023 By admin

To make smart any traditional device that works through physical switches, an Australian company has developed Fingerbost, a robot finger with which the user can activate any device remotely through voice or mobile. Fingerbot is a small switch with a modular design that allows you to act as a smart push-button for a wide variety of devices without connectivity, such as light switches and appliances.

The robot finger has a hook at the top that allows it to grip almost any surface, and several types of extensible mechanisms that act as a finger are added by pressing traditional switches. These fingers that are incorporated into Fingerbot can also be used on touch screens, and even users can order custom models according to their needs that are printed through 3D printers.

The device is smart, with Bluetooth connectivity, and can be controlled through the Adaprox mobile app and is also compatible with Apple’s Siri intelligent assistants, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa. The Fingerbot system allows you to activate buttons or switches of lights or appliances that do not have an Internet connection The Fingerbot system will enable you to activate buttons or switches of lights or tools that do not have an Internet connection
In this way, as its creators explain in its crowdfunding page, Fingerbot can be used to turn a traditional device into an intelligent one, without having to acquire an entire ecosystem of devices connected to the Internet or Bluetooth.

The Australian company Adaprox, creator of the robotic finger, has presented the project on the Kickstarter micromanagement platform, where it has exceeded its objective and has already obtained more than $ 50,000 in funding. Fingerbot is sold through different kits, from the basic package for $ 29 with a single device to family kits with several units to control an entire house. Groups will begin shipping in May 2020.