A Detailed History Of Space Tourism And Commercial Human Spaceflight

January 31, 2023 By admin

Before heading to the history of space tourism first, we should learn what space tourism is, Space tourism is a broader term that refers to sending citizens to space for enjoyment purpose and tourism. Various space tourism companies are trying to provide space tourism facilities to human spaceflights. This concept of human spaceflight is in an emerging stage, with several private businesses engaging in activities related to space tourism.

About the history of space tourism

The industry of space tourism has seen various ups and downs in recent years. Dennis Tito was the first-ever space tourist who traveled in ISS ( International Space Station) that costs him dollar 20 million approximately. If we talk about space tourism agencies, then the Russian Space Agency was the only space tourism company that successfully made orbital space tourism possible. By the Russian Space Agency, seven tourisms were taken to space during the early ’20s. Various private organizations regarding space tourism also tried their hand in this business after shutting down these operations by the Russian Space Agency.

Evaluation And Birth Of Space Tourism.

Though the evolution of space tourism is an old concept 1970s is treated as a birth decade of spaceflight tourism As President R Nixon released the idea of the space shuttle, Shuttle idea came with a cabinet that comes with a capacity of 74 spaceflight passengers at a time for three days at a much lower cost. This idea is also treated as the first significant concept of the space industry. But unfortunately, this idea also did not develop. After this, from the year 1981 to 2011, approximately more than 350 spaceflight humans went to space for space tourism, and more than 130 missions were failed and came to an end.


In the year 1998, a company came into business by dealing with private humans who showed their interest in space tourism, named Space Adventures LTD, as it was also the first company to deal directly with ordinary people. Following the footsteps of Space Adventures Ltd.many other agencies named Xcore and Bigelow taken initiatives to deal with private citizens.

First and foremost, time under a Russian commercial spaceflight company, MirCorp, a billionaire named Dennis, purchased a ticket worth 20 million US dollars and declared as the first person to travel with International Space Station. Following D Tito 6 more people show interest in spaceflight tourism as follows –

Name Occupation Year
Mark Shuttleworth Computer millionaire of South Afrika 2002
Gregory Olson The millionaire of American sensor Hardware 2005
Anousheh Ansari American- Iranian engineer 2006
  American-Hungarian software architect 2007
Richard Garriott Video game developer British-American 2008
Guy Laliberté Canadian Businessman 2009

Afterward, by the beginning of the second decade of 2000, many other agencies came into existence seeking private people’s interest in space tourism, some reputable agencies that marked their unique place in the market are – Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin, Zero2infinity, Rocket Lab, SpaceX, etc. Many other companies also tried their hands in the space tourism industry but became obsolete due to financial problems and consistent failures.